Friday, 21 October 2016

Presents & Pinecones Large Square Double Display Card & A4 Tutorial

A Fancy Fold Friday post with Tutorial for you. This is the Tutorial for the Large Square Double Display Card from A4 cardstock which I thought I had already published - but discovered I had not. So thought I should quickly rectify the situation!!

And remember that these Presents & Pinecones papers are on Special Offer this month
And here are the links to the Large Square Double Display Card Tutorials using 12x12 cardstock  versions - inches and centimetres.
Large Square Double Display Card Tutorial– A4 Metric Version 
You will need:-
Thick Whisper White A4 Cardstock 15x 29cm
Whisper White 12x12 Cardstock 15cm Square
Early Espresso Cardstock 10 cm Square
Presents & Pinecones Paper Mint Macaron 9.5cm Square (x2)
Presents & Pinecones Paper Stripe/Fronds 4.5cm x 9.5cm (x2)
Presents & Pinecones Paper Stripe/Fronds 4.5cm x 2cm (x2)
Stamps & Dies – Christmas Pines

 1.       PORTRAIT. Line up at 2.5cm on Top Bar
2.       Cut from 2 to 12cm. LIFT. Cut from 17 to 27cm
3.       Turn 180 degrees & Repeat 1-2

4.       LANDSCAPE. Score across whole width at 4.5, 9.5, 19.5 & 24.5cm
5.       LANDSCAPE. Score top and bottom sections at 2, 12, 17 & 27cm
(TOP TIP - you will find 17cm difficult to find/do on a Trimmer!! So alternatively…
Line up at 12cm to LEFT HAND SIDE. Score top and bottom sections
Line up at 2 cm to RIGHT HAND SIDE, Score top and bottom sections
Turn 180degrees and repeat for 12cm LHS and 2cm RHS)

6.       With panel PORTRAIT out in front of you… Hand fold from edge facing you…
1st LH & RH outer score-lines - Mountain folds
1st centre section score line - Mountain fold
4th/last LH & RH outer score lines- Valley fold
2nd/last centre section - Valley fold ( you can put your fingers through the previous folds to do so!)
3rd outers - Mountain Fold (will have happened automatically!)
2nd outers – Valley Fold (will have happened automatically!)
NOTE – the photos are of a Small Square Double Display Card but show you what you need to do!!

7.       Fold up towards centre, ensure cut-lines/sections lined up & free to move & then Bone Fold
TIP – an extra “crease” will now magically appear in the centre of the 4 top & bottom outer sections – do not worry, you will be covering these! But don’t further crease or bone-fold it!!! 

8.       Repeat 6-7 from other side

9.       Decorate the Card Front
(a) Adhere Mint Macaron Paper to Early Espresso Square panel
(b) Adhere to 15cm Whisper White Square Panel
(c) Chop in half at 7.5cm (best to use a guillotine cutter as you have 3 layers to cut through…)
(d) Stamp Early Espresso greeting on RIGHT HAND section
(e) Adhere these Card Front Sections to front LH & RH sections of Main Card – one at a time lining everything up nicely as you go! 

TOP TIPS – put glue on front sections of Main Card NOT the back of the Card Front Sections!!! Or you will have glue where you don’t want it!!!

I would recommend also Tombow – I have only used Sticky Strip for the photo so you can see where to put the glue! 

10.   Stamp, die cut and decorate as necessary
(       (a)    the pine boughs are a Mint Macaron one layered over an Emerald Envy one. Layered as a shadow
        (b)    the seed-head is die cut in Cherry Cobbler and then the stalks coloured using an Early Espresso marker pen – leaving the berries in red…
        (c)     The central square paper panel is stamped with Mint Macaron stars/snowflakes from the Christmas Pines stamp set– subtle but adds great detail…


Joanne James - The Crafty Owl said...

Love this Amanda - just had to CASE! Thank you for the inspiration.

Amanda said...

So glad to hear you liked this one Joanne.... My ladies really loved it... And you are welcome to the CASE....

lilahab said...

Wonderful, interesting and looks like fun! Great share

Amanda said...

Thank you..definitely a fun fold... one that always WOWs the recipient! Try one and see.... Enjoy!