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Fancy Fold Friday Tutorial - A6 (ish) Pop Up Front Step Panel Card

And so finally the Pop Up Front Step Panel Card Tutorial... This is the first variant I re-sized for specific purposes... which was to size for a Stitched Rectangle die cut front panel (as for this card).... so A6(ish) in size... (or A2 from US Letter card) 

And a size I have used a few times over the past few months... Click here for another Pressed Petals card - and the links to 3 other cards at the end of that post.... 
And this card is easier with step by step photos the first time around.. 

As although really easy once you know what you are doing... there are a few key steps that can easily go wrong! 

So... think FLAT WHEN STICKING... and think GO IN ENVELOPE!

Craft Spa Recipe 
Main Card - A4 Card Mossy Meadow 10.5cm x A4L (US Letter 4 1/4" x 11")
Front Panel - A4 Card Crumb Cake 14 x 6.5cm (US Letter 5 5/8" x 2 3/4")

Card Back - Floral Paper 10 x 8.5cm  (US 4" x 3 1/4")
Card Base – Text Paper 10 x 7cm (then cut LANDSCAPE to Top 2.5cm & 4.5cm Front/Bottom)  (US 4" x 2 3/4" - cut 1" Top & 1 3/4" Bottom)
Front Panel –Music Paper 6 x 11.5cm (then cut LANDSCAPE to Top 2.5cm & Front 9cm)  (US 2 1/2" x 4 3/4"- cut Top 1" & Bottom 3 3/4")
Craft Spa Tutorial
1.     Score Mossy Meadow panel LANDSCAPE at 14, 17*, 22 and 25cm (US Letter 5 1/2", 6 3/4", 8 3/4" & 10")
*TIP - 17cm is not to be found on the European SU! trimmer top bar! So score at 14, 22 and 25cm... then turn the panel around 180 degrees (ie so that the right hand side becomes the left hand side!) and score LANDSCAPE at 12.7cm (or 5") 

2.  Score Crumb Cake panel LANDSCAPE at 1 & 4cm (US Letter 3/8" & 1 5/8")
TIP - easiest to score LANDSCAPE at 1cm (US 3/8") to right hand side (RHS) on Top Bar...
Then turn 180 degrees (ie so that the RHS becomes the LHS!) and score LANDSCAPE at 4cm (US 1 5/8")

3.     Mountain bone fold all score lines

NOW... I highly recommend that you do a dry run of the following steps 4-6 then 8-12 then 13-16... before applying glue... as it is (usually) obvious once you do it...

4    Fold up the base of the Mossy Meadow card to create the front step (like a box section) 

5     Apply glue to last/end section (ie on the back!)
6     Fold up flat to stick  ie TIP - height of card should be smallest option so it will fit in a standard envelope!

TIP- the last "glued" section does not fold all the way down to the bottom/back score line - concentrate on folding all the card completely flat and sticking... NOT trying to fold that score line where it doesn't want to go!
7.      Adhere papers as necessary
Note that you are better inking up & stamping the greeting onto the front panel paper before sticking the paper panel!!! Especially when embossing like I have here...
8.   Fold over the top 2 sections of the scored Crumb Cake panel so that they are to the back... 
9.     Apply glue to last/thin "glue tab" section
10. Fold up card base/step so that height is smallest option!

Line up 2nd score line to top of back of main card (ie you have 2 sections folded to the back - not one as would [normally] be more logical!!)

And so that front panel is central to left and to right...

11. Stick
12. Apply pressure along the glue tab to adhere firmly...

13. Fold up card base/step so that height is smallest option!

14. Work out where you need your glue on the front panel at the bottom of the card!

15. Apply glue where needed (ie under the line of the bone folder!)
... or more importantly not where it it is not needed! (ie above the line of the bone folder!)

16. Fold front panel down flat to stick...
17. Decorate as necessary.


(1) Don't stick anything that will go underneath the bottom of the card... It needs to be flat to stand up...
(2) I recommend that you have an envelope to hand to make sure everything is stuck on so that the card fits in your envelope. Especially if you are using a US medium (A2) envelope as you have less height than we do with our C6 envelope... With particular attention to the daisy to the top right... I believe that will have to be dropped down compared to mine...
And I thought I had better add the word MOTHER... as we have finally been given a date for her operation today! So I am organised for that next Tuesday now... well at least with a card! Label finished off on a small piece of Gold Foil... 

Stampin Up! products used  
Stamp Sets - Daisy Lane (flowers), Healing Hugs (greeting); Painted Harvest (leaves); Family Party (Mother)
Punches - Medium Daisy, Leaf
Papers - Pressed Petals
Card - Mossy Meadow, Crumb Cake, Thick Whisper White, Gold Foil
Inks - Crumb Cake, Daffodil Delight, Mossy Meadow, Soft Sea Foam, Pumpkin Pie, Versamark & White Embossing Powder
Tools - Heat Gun

And sorry! I can't tell you how many times this tutorial has been attempted over the past few months... but I was scuppered every time... such is the time (and concentration!) it takes to make, photo and write a step by step tutorial... and my hospital visiting hours for the last 3 months have meant that I just haven't had those hours in a day! 
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  1. I love these type cards! My only problem was, if I would have adhered the top daisy as high as in your example, it wouldn't fit in my A2 envelope. I just moved it down to no higher than the top of the front panel. I know you stated "think fit in envelope", but you might clarify,often people would try to embellish similar to the example. Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Thanks for the relevant observation regarding your "shorter" A2 envelope... extra words added to the decoration stage... And I hope you are happy with your finished card...

      Though we do have square or even a DL envelope should worst come to worst with these cards... think you have #10s...

  2. thank you for the wonderful directions for this really fun card idea! I used the base to make a fun Christmas card today! Used the wonderful #elfie with the mugs from Cup of Christmas! So fun! Very much appreciate the time it took to write this all up! : )

    1. Thank you Laurie... so glad to know the tutorial has been of use for you... and your card design sounds wonderful...

  3. I have to say thank you for your tutorial and adding the US measurements! That has to be time consuming.

    1. Thank you Andi.. and my pleasure...
      And sometimes it is - but sometimes it isn't! (to convert to US card sizings that is) But I do usually convert...

  4. Thank you Amanda for all the detailed instructions and pics on this tutorial. It really is amazing!


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