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Metric Tutorial - Large Square Double Display Card

All is Calm, Double Display Card, Festival of Trees, Wonderful Wreath, by Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa (1)
And here is the last of the projects we made at my All Day Christmas event…. Yes you will recognise it from before if you regularly follow my blog … but this card has been so popular – and pinned/re-pinned/visited here so many times -  that it had to be shared with /demonstrated again & made by my All Day Event ladies ……
All is Calm, Double Display Card, Festival of Trees, Wonderful Wreath, by Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa (2)
But seeing as I was looking for a way to say  A BIG THANK YOU to all of you that regularly follow my blog, who comment and who re-share/pin my projects. Nearly 600 of you following at the last count!!! WOW – that is amazing – you would laugh at how excited I was all those years ago when I first hit 20 followers!!! So THANK YOU EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU… you honour me with your time… particularly when you comment as that always makes my day!

And also… because so many of you asked too…  so here it is!! A tutorial for the Large Square Double Display Card. Just to say Thanks!

But first…. a quick apology for keeping you waiting… I had to tell you to be patient as I worked through a very full calendar of events during the last month.

Secondly Again I have to thank & credit Paola Levi in South Africa as I was inspired by a Double Display cut & score card she made back in 2011 and whose template I have used a few times …. as first shown here back in 2012 …. Edited to Add: As I have travelled around Pinterest - I have subsequently found a previous 2009 version with instructions of the main back part of the card - so I feel that the originating credit should be attributed to Susan Bluerobot. Thank you Susan for a fantastic cut & score card.... so glad I have found you...

But this time I added an extra square front to the card (as I do so like my square cards!!)  - which has already earnt this card the nickname of The Card With More Frontage!!! - and I converted Paola’s imperial template to metric to suit our new Stampin Up! trimmer….. but don’t worry I will be back with a full Imperial Tutorial tomorrow ( as I am still an inches gal)….. and some more Large Square Double Display card options….

RECIPE Main Card  CS Pear Pizzazz Mats CS Lost Lagoon Decoration DSP CS Whisper White
Main Card
30 x 15cm
Card Front
15cm Square
10.5 cm Square
10cm Square
Card Back
9.5cm Square
9cm Square
Inner Centre
9.5cm Square
9cm Square
Inner Sides
4.5x9.5 cm (x2)
4 x 9cm (x2)
Inner Top & Bottom
4.5 x 2cm (x6)
4 x 1.5cm (x6)

INSTRUCTIONSIn pictorials, Red = Cut Line; Green = Score Line
Main Card

(1) Line up large Pear Pizzazz panel PORTRAIT at 2.5cm on Top Bar

(2) Cut from 2.5 to 12.5cm.


(4) Cut from 17.5 to 27.5cm

(5) Flip 180 degrees (6) Repeat (1-4) for the other side

 Large Square Double Display Card Tutorial, The Craft Spa 001

(7) Line up LANDSCAPE at 2.5cm on Top Bar

(8) Score from outside edge to cut line at top & bottom (ie score from O to 2.5cm, LIFT BLADE..., then score from 12.5 to 15cm)

(9) Repeat (7-8) lined up at 12.5cm, 17.5cm & 27.5cm on the Top Bar

(10) Line up LANDSCAPE at 5cm on Top Bar

(11) Score across the whole card (ie 0 to 15cm)

(12) Repeat (10-11) lined up at 10,20 & 25cm on the Top Bar

 Large Square Double Display Card Tutorial, The Craft Spa 002

(13) Crease score lines by hand LIGHTLY.... starting at one side of the card...
Inside Sections – Mountain then Valley folds
Outer Sections – Mountain, Valley, Mountain, Valley folds (14) Bone Fold. TIP – an extra “crease” will now magically appear in the centre of the top & bottom outer sections – do not worry, you will be covering these! But don’t further crease or bone-fold it!!! (15) Repeat (13-14) from the other side


Card Front Decoration

(1) * Cut 15cm Square panel in half to 7.5cm x 15cm (x2)
*This step is not necessary with a guillotine cutter, but most Trimmers will not cut through 3 layers! If your cutter will go through the 3 layers then adhere all 3 parts & cut the whole panel in half (7.5cm)
(2) Adhere DSP to larger square Lost Lagoon Card Mat
(3) Cut DSP/Mat panel in half (5.25cm)

(4) Adhere parts together to form 2 Card Front Sections

(5) Adhere Card Front Sections to front LH & RH sections of Main Card – one at a time lining everything up nicely as you go! 

TIP – put glue on front sections of Main Card NOT the back of the Card Front Sections!!! Or you will have glue where you don’t want it!!!
 Large Square Double Display Card Tutorial, The Craft Spa 007Large Square Double Display Card Tutorial, The Craft Spa 010
I would recommend Tombow – I have only used Sticky Strip so you can see where to put the glue in the photo!

Inner Card Decoration

(1) The rest is just gluing & sticking!

And stamping & decorating as you desire.....

Edited to Add: And for those of you wanting an Imperial Tutorial…here it is… along with another version of the card…

So there you have it…. I would love to see your makes if you use this…so please remember to link back here….


Jacqueline said...

This is gorgeous - thanks so much for taking the time to post the tutorial - can't wait to make it - Jacqueline xx

carpediem said...

thank you for the tutorial! such a lovely project
can you tell me where i would find the imperial tutorial?
laura j

Amanda said...

Thankyou and so glad you like it Laura.
Imperial tutorial will post tomorrow....
It should have posted today...but auto-scheduling ( or probably me!) messed up.. So 2 different blog posts on today...
So sorry to have to keep you waiting another day...