Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Best Aga card! and the inspiration behind the card...

I have found it SO hard not to share this version of the AGA card that Andrea made at our class... but it is a special card for our mutual special friend, Karen turning 50 as I write this on Saturday evening... and then I am off to the party!!

And I apologise for my waffling!! But I am often asked what is the inspiration behind my creations... so this is one of the "When Worlds Collide" stories behind one of my cards....

And first I must point out the Andrea touch of adding the glass of Prosecco! The finishing touch....
Now Karen was a big part of the inspiration behind this card.... she is a master baker... and so I bought the Perfect Mix stamp set and the Succulent Garden papers ... as I had a plan for our April class... as Karen was going to be missing!

We were each going to make a series of matching cards for her 50th... but then (as always) I ran out of time!! So we made the cards in the class as always ... and the combination of card folds, not using the Perfect Mix stamp set after all and everyone having a laugh at my expense... gave me a cunning plan... and I came up with the idea on the spot of the AGA card - or rather the FAGA card

So why the FAGA card.... It is a standing joke that we all go to a Bunk Barn at Christmas... and I always make the Friday night tea... which is hilarious as I am the only one without an Aga at home... and I get VERY stressed over using the thing.... They assure me that it is just "that aga" in the bunk barn that is just so useless... and reminded me that I called it the Fxxxx AGA when we were last there.... may have been just after I tipped the veg and boiling water all over the floor... and over Andreas foot...
And so that is how the AGA card came about... Click here for the tutorial details here...

So I had created it (and the BBQ and Tool Bench) by our Men's in May class... but they had to make either the BBQ or the AGA... and the lovely Karen was the only one that opted to create the BBQ card for her husband... but with many comments about making the AGA card at our June class... followed by maybe someone lovely would like to just make it for her... and so I secretly put some Real Red card aside (her Aga being a very big bright red one) in preparation for making it for her 50th.... when Andrea from the sides whispered... have you got any red card!!!

So hey... I knew I could come up with something else.... so Andrea secretly made the Red Aga card whilst Karen was in the room... which was hilarious... as there were 4 of us turning the card down onto the table every time Karen moved round the room.... and I don't think she sussed it (though I will probably find out if that is true tonight. Edited to Add - yes... she had no idea!!!)

And here is how Andrea is going to present the card to Karen.... as they were all talking about framing their creation.... and I know that Karen will be blown away with this masterpiece!! Oh boy was she!!!
And here is a great AGA on AGA shot!!
But wait till you see what I then went onto make for Karen!!! Too much fun!!!  It has been a long time since I just made a card very specifically for someone... But more on that another day.... Suffice to say Karen had a great laugh and loved it too!


  1. I loved making this card for Karen and her reaction when she opened it was worth the hard work and 'stress' of hiding it from her all class! Thanks again Amanda for your fabulous ideas. Your version was amazing too, can't wait to see it on the Blog.

    1. Lol! Such a shame we were late (as I was typing this up!) and so I missed her reaction to your Aga... but yes her reaction to my card was a complete classic too... lovely night...

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  4. First off, I love these bench fold cards you've been making!!
    Second, what the heck is AGA?

    1. Thanks Lisa... they really are such fun!

      And LOL.. an Aga is "a brand name for a large, cast iron range cooker that keeps its heat" Also Rayburn, Esse, Stoves, Lacanche, Sandyford, Everhot, Marshall, Heritage, Stanley... amongst others! The names evoke images of country-cottage kitchens and a warm and cosy home...

  5. Brilliant cards, but how do they fold flat for an envelope?

    1. They just fold to the side... picky in this post....


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