Friday, 24 June 2016

Scallop Tag Topper Concertina Card Tutorial

Another couple of versions of the Tag Topper Concertina Card for you today...and seeing as it is Fancy Fold Friday... the recipe and metric/imperial (inches) tutorial(s) for you...
This is a remake of a fabulous card produced by Julie Kettlewell for our Quarterly Training over 2 years ago... but one that I have re-made a few times... as it is such a fabulous and special card and always causes a real WOW... Though I have to admit they do always look better in the flesh than on a photo... a card this long is difficult to photo!!

Metric Recipe
Paper 12x12 Floral Bouquet  x 1 piece
Card Sahara Sand 5.5 x 9cm (x10)
Card Whisper White 5 x 8.5cm (x10)
Ribbon x 24"

Imperial (inches) Recipe
Mmm...2 ways to do this.... Firstly the exact same dimensions (so scoring every 2 9/16") ... and then the easier version!! (every 2 1/2") Oh I am going for the easier version! It will look more or less the same!!
Paper 12x12 Floral Bouquet  x 1 piece
Card Sahara Sand 2 1/4" x 3 3/4" (x10)
Card Whisper White 2" x 3 1/2"(x10)
Ribbon x 24"

1. Cut 12x12 paper into 3 x 4" strips
TIP - easiest if you use paper with no pattern match/directional pattern!!
But otherwise... think about the pattern direction you want to show on the front & back of your finished card eg for stripes ending up vertical on my finished project - I need to cut the 4" strips looking at horizontal stripes!)
2. Score 2 strips LIGHTLY every 6 1/2cm ( ie 6.5, 13, 19.5 and 26cm)
OR every 2 1/2" ( ie 2 1/2", 5", 7 1/2" & 10")
4. Trim off the last short section on ONE of the strips
5 Pick up the 3rd strip and turn 180degrees (so any pattern direction is facing the other way up) and score LIGHTLY every 6 1/2cm ( ie 6.5, 13, 19.5 and 26cm) OR every 2 1/2" ( ie 2 1/2", 5", 7 1/2" & 10")  Sorry - no obvious pattern direction to see here!!!! But if you look closely to right and left of the strip you will see that it has been turned 180degrees.... so that the left has become the right...
4. Pick up the 2 longer strips & place 2 short sections together
5. Scallop Tag Topper punch those short sections

6. Trim off the "shoulders" (trimmer or scissors will do the job!)
7. Concertina fold shorter strip (mountain, valley, mountain with front pattern facing you) & place standing up in front of you!
8. Concertina fold other 2 strips from short punched section end (mountain, valley, mountain,valley with front pattern facing you)

9. Place standing up in front of you with shorter punched sections to outsides. One to left and other to right of the smaller (central) piece
10. Adhere longer pieces to shorter/central
11. Decorate as necessary. But don't stick your decorative front on yet!!

See this alternative to the birthday greeting version I showed here... I love the add of the 2U.... Nicky was inspired with her solution to having stuck her lettered mats down (cough) differently!!! And thank you to Heidi for the Retirement version...
Die cut Letters decoration tutorial here...
Night of Navy circle mat is 1 3/4" circle punched
White greeting circle is 1 5/8" circle from Layering Circles dies
Floral frame is Floral Phrases rose spray stamped above and below along the straight line & then handcut...

12. Place ribbon up through the punched hole on the left hand side, pull through over to the right and lay across the front. ( Tip - NOT through the right hand side punched hole)
13. Lay the LHS of the remaining ribbon across to the left, down & around the back and across to the right. Size as necessary (with bow allowance)
TIP - I personally find it easier to have the front & back ribbon lengths to be the same size off to the right... and then tie the bow and trim off as necessary... but you do cut off a few inches...
14. Adhere your decorative front (TIP - you only want glue to the left!!!)

15. Decide how you want to have the final fold of your card... I usually leave as a double fold as shown here... but you can have as a single fold too (example here ) ... and then tie off to close & make a bow with your ribbon. Trim ribbon as necessary...
16. Pop in an envelope (Double Fold fits nice and snugly/protectively into a Stampin' Up! medium envelope or a standard C6 envelope is great if your ribbon bow has gone off to the side!) or make an envelope box (Tutorial here) for a Single Fold version

If you prefer a video tutorial to the Metric Tag Topper Concertina Card... Julie has kindly already shared one here...


MaryJo said...

Beautiful - thank you for the tutorial with inch measurements! LOL!

Amanda said...

My pleasure MaryJo.... Enjoy....

june said...

How do I print this on 1 sheet of paper?? ,I "LOVE" it and would like to try it.

Amanda said...

Hi June.. I create a 2 column word document…then select and copy from the blog post… and then paste into the document…
you’ll get about 6 photos per page ( you may need to re-size to the column width)