Friday, 19 December 2014

Curvy Keepsakes Penguin– or should I call him Monty… or Pingu… or Erik…

Many Merry Stars, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 017

I have to admit…this is my favourite of my Curvy Keepsakes treat holders… he is SO cute… and I now have penguins over running my house….

Now I reckon this little penguin has become rather famous around SU! demo blogland. I can’t claim any credit for him as I have CASED him exactly. 

I did have a penguin on my Curvy Keepsakes To Do List…but I reckoned he was so perfect !! So I didn’t attempt to alter anything…. Thank you for sharing your fabulous creation with the world Lynn Starzl 

But I have to laugh as I have realised that my owl punch has only ever been used for penguins…. maybe I need to plot an owl punch class for next year….

Now if you have enjoyed my mini Christmas Curvy Keepsakes series… don’t forget to go to my Curvy Keepsakes Pinterest board…. loads more ideas for you there…. see you there…

Or if you want to see the many things that inspire me in my craft world …here I am on Pinterest….

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Curvy Keepsakes Santa Belt Treat Holder

Many Merry Stars, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 015

This is definitely the quickest of my Curvy Treat Holders to make. And so it is of no surprise that there are lots of these to see around SU! demo blog-land.

I had based mine upon a well-loved previous After Eights treat holder I made way back when…well 2010 actually… it was a gift swap I made for our first Stampin’ Up! convention.

I just simplified it more for this years version… here he was then….

2010_10 Xmas Sweet Treats 023_resize

And here were my instructions to make him ….

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Oh! Bring us some Figgy Pudding

Many Merry Stars, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 020

Oh I so have that song in my head!!!

So here is my little Curvy Keepsakes christmas pudding. Almost good enough to eat….

And some tips to make for yourself….

Gorgeous Grunge “splats” make the raisins etc

The icing is made from the 2 3/8” scallop circle punch. 4 of them… The 2 on the handle sides were stuck on and then trimmed to shape. The other 2 were die cut over the pointy & slit side of the Curvy keepsakes die and then stuck on. ( Though I have just realised that I could maybe have die cut the scallops with the handle sides too – would have been even better….)

The greeting on the little tag is one of my favourite greetings this year – from the Project Life Holiday Cheer set… oh did I tell you …. that is carrying over!! (along with the PL Seasonal Snapshot range)

Wondering where the holly is from – that is from my favourite stamp set in the Autumn Winter Supplement – 12 Days of Christmas…

Monday, 15 December 2014

Ho Ho Ho! Curvy Keepsakes Santa

Many Merry Stars, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 021

Following on from the popularity of my Wonderful Wondrous Wreath Santa blog post  as shown below…. this Curvy Keepsakes Santa just had to be made !!

Wasn’t room for the wreath as well though… though I have just had an idea!!! One for next year maybe! Now could that be a hint to a carryover product!!! Yes…my lovely wreaths will continue on into 2015…… phew!

Wonderful Wreath, Santa, Punch Art Santa, by Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa  (2)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Curvy Keepsakes Die for Christmas– Robin

Many Merry Stars, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 012

Now I have been having great fun with my Curvy Keepsakes die! I officially LOVE it!!

It was one of my first purchases from the Autumn Winter Catalogue back in August when we demos could pre-order. And it was the first product that I picked up and wrote a long list of projects that I could make.

But time leapt away from me as it does – and so it was a few weeks before I went back to that list and started to create something… and then life leapt away again & lots of blog posts showing cards and stamp sets etc…and now it is months later…and I am finally beginning to share what I made!!

So first - here is my little robin redbreast…. I tried to get a photo of this with the real robin redbreast that sits on this bush… but he wasn’t playing ball!!Many Merry Stars, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 010

Now some of you will realise that he seems a bit familiar… yes I used the basic format (aka Angry Birds Chick!) that I shared  earlier in the year for the Tag Topper Punch Easter Chick Treat Holder and previously for the Fancy Favour Box version. Both of those projects were so popular – it just had to be done! So punch art tutorials linked there….

And yes Angry Birds were on my Curvy Keepsakes list too!!

Friday, 12 December 2014

White Christmas Glitter Disaster!!

And now for something different… I suppose you could call this a blooper… or a disaster if you had been standing where I was… but I learnt 2 new things from I thought I should share….

First of all I read a blog post in the morning by Bryan King, one of our talented Stampin Up! demonstrators in the US  - where he shared his dislike of glitter and mess – and a picture of a bottle of Dazzling Details that said a 1000 words about glitter and mess!!… I even hear myself utter the word “oops – how did that happen!”….. so not that I am blaming Bryan…but…

Later that evening… picture the scene… my table about to be cleared & set up for my class the following night

Glitter Glitter everywhere.. (4) 

And a final tweak to my BIG 8” Square Flap card… just the addition of silver glitter to the roofline of the house using my bottle of Dazzling Details ….. when the un-thinkable happened… I pressed so hard….that a glitter shooting star shot 7 foot across the table as the plug shot out & across the table….

First of all, here is the glitter mountain on my finished card….

Glitter Glitter everywhere.. (1)

Then, here is the glitter iceberg for the polar bear on the second version of the card panel I had made for demo purposes … that card is half way up the table – about 4 foot away…. just in front of the Simply Scored board…

Glitter Glitter everywhere.. (3)

With the final eruption landing on my guillotine… and the plug finally coming to rest behind the bone folder!! At least 7 feet away from me….

Glitter Glitter everywhere.. (5)

Now I cannot possibly repeat the words I uttered when this happened…..  But as I said… I learnt 2 very important things about Dazzling Details….

Firstly… there is SO much in that little bottle…. as you can see a huge amount landed in each of the 3 positions…. but that little bottle is still mainly full!!! And the plug just went back in – and it is back in use ( but I won’t be squeezing it hard like that again!!)

Secondly… that it just wipes away!!! I acted fast and there isn’t a speck of silver glitter remaining on my cards etc. And so my class was saved…. phew….

Any of your crafting bloopers you would like to share with me…. I am sure you would make me feel much better!!

DL White Christmas Snow Banks Scene Card with a How To

White Christmas, Holiday Home DL Scene 001

Just when I thought I had finished with White Christmas I found a card that I haven’t yet shared. Apologies for the bad photos recently  – but I broke one of my special light-box lights last week…. and I hope that Santa has a new set for me in that sleigh!!! Edited to add… Oops I had actually shared this before… so why couldn’t I find the photo I took before!!

This is a simple DL card that I made as a practice card for the BIG card shown below! Now when I posted the big card  I was later asked how I had stamped the snow banks…and I promised some more details when I re-ran the class …. so here is a little step by step with pictures for you….

White Christmas_Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa,  (6)

There are other ways of doing this… but  I decided to do it this way as I had completely new crafters making the cards so other methods were more likely to go wrong – or need the Stamp A Ma Jig/equipment that they don’t have and don’t need with their photopolymer stamp set…. and also as the same method could be used for another part of the card….

White Christmas Snow Bank Cutting 001 (2)

1. Stick the paper onto the white card mat leaving about 2” loose at the bottom ( ie no glue at the bottom !!!) You could also use temporary adhesive – but  I didn’t want to introduce another type of glue for my new crafters…

White Christmas Snow Bank Cutting 002

2 Ink up & stamp image to bottom of paper.

White Christmas Snow Bank Cutting 003

3. Lift up the un-glued bottom part of the paper & cut just below/on the black sky line. Oops a gap in the tree trunk!!!

White Christmas Snow Bank Cutting 004

4. Draw in the tree trunk (s) using the thin end of a Basic Black marker pen… Yay…no gap!

5. Now you can stick the bottom of the paper down….

White Christmas Snow Bank Cutting 005

6. Same method to extend the skyline between the 2 lots of tree images on the larger panel. Just draw a line in to join the images together using the thin end of your black marker pen…. and cut as necessary….

And as I know some of you are wondering…. yes my new crafters all achieved the big card!!! And they were all fabulous….. Even my completely new crafter who came last minute to the last session of my trio of Beginner workshops. Didn’t HE do well!!! We did laugh at this being his first card…… in at the deep end or what!!

And … come back later for something awful that happened to the big card…. less than 24 hours before my class!!! I dread to think what words I uttered before I cried….. You would not credit it…… and I have some fellow demo’s blog post on that day that I have to blame!!! All will be revealed….

Thursday, 11 December 2014

White Christmas Tags

White Christmas, Holiday Home, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 022

And rounding off my series of all things White Christmas. Here are some simple tags…

These were inspired by a simple but stunning tag created by Julie Day  3 years ago that I saw care of  PInterest – and that had never left my head - and I knew that White Christmas was the perfect stamp set to create some of my own….

I think you can see the progression of my little tag series….! Great fun!

White Christmas, Holiday Home, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 024White Christmas, Holiday Home, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 025White Christmas, Holiday Home, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 026White Christmas, Holiday Home, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 028White Christmas, Holiday Home, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 027

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

White Christmas Part 5 – Sam’s Centre Step Card!

White Christmas, Holiday Home, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 005

Sorry for the Stars interruption to the series….. but almost finished my White Christmas series now….

This card I love…. both visually and technically…. but I can’t take much of the credit for it….. this was a swap card made by the lovely and uber-talented Sam Wilson from our last Team Training. It caused rather a stir… there were lots of audible gasps as it was handed over! Here is Sam’s card below….a complete stunner!

White Christmas, Holiday Home, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 001

So why did I change such a beautiful card…. mainly because I needed it to take less time in the class…as you can see from this series I had lots of cards for my ladies to make! White Christmas, Holiday Home, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 009

So I had to remove some of the steps…. for example – using the All is Calm papers instead of embossing … and then I made a sample with the foil dots and the room lit up!! Literally… you should see these glisten when they hit the light….. I couldn’t really catch that in a photo…. but I am sure you get the idea….

White Christmas, Holiday Home, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 004

Hope you are not upset with me Sam! Thank you for sharing this card with me….. It really is a very clever centre step card format…. that remains standing up nice & proud… one that will be repeated another day….