Friday, 20 October 2017

Faux Bendi Card with Tutorial for Fancy Fold Friday

This was a very quick card put together mid class by special request of one of my ladies... and from a card kit set out for another card... so the final decoration is as quick as I could muster on the spot! 

We made one 2 years ago and she wanted a repeat performance for her christmas card making this year... and now everyone else wants to make it too!!

When I first made a Bendi card... I thought there would be a problem with the card in the hands of the receiver... The card will arrive flat in the envelope and I have to hope that they spot both slots and manage to assemble it... Especially that back slot... as it is difficult to see and difficult to assemble...
So I changed the card to just have the front slot... as I reckon that one will be managed! And from a distance it looks exactly the same as the Full Bendi Fold version...

And  - seeing as it is Fancy Fold Friday - here are the instructions for this Faux (or Partial) Bendi Fold version...  If you need pictures to aid you in the construction element then just look at the Full Bendi Fold card link posted

For my US readers... please note that the US Letter Size card sizes are converted from my metric sizes as best I can and have not been tested... so crafter beware!! And if it needs any adjustment I would be delighted if you told me! Saves a lot more people any anguish as I can quickly amend this post... Thanks)
Craft Spa Recipe 
Back Panel Thick Whisper White 14.8 x 10.5cm (US Letter 5 1/2" x 4 1/4")
Front RHS Panel Shimmery White 14.8 x 9cm H (US 5 1/2" x 3 1/2")
Back LHS Shimmery White panel 13.5 x 8.5cm H (US 5" x 3 1/4")
Paper panel 14.3 x 10cm (US 5 1/4" x 4")

Craft Spa Directions
1. With wider Front RHS 9cm (US 3 1/2") high panel LANDSCAPE - score at 1cm (US 1/2") from both sides
2. Turn 180 degrees (ie so your left hand scoreline becomes your right hand scoreline... ie not turning it over!)
3. Line this right hand score line up at 1cm (US 1/2") on the right hand side of the top bar
4. Cut from 0 to 1cm then 2.5 to end/9cm (US 0 to 3/8", then 1" to end/3 1/2")
5. Trim above and below to form a tab 

6. With Back LHS 8.5cm (US 3 1/4") LANDSCAPE - score at 1cm (US 1/2") from left hand side 
7. With score to left, line up panel LANDSCAPE at 5cm (US 2") on Top Bar
8. Cut from 5.5 to 7.5cm (US 2 1/8" to 3")

9. Die cut small houses on Back LHS 8.5cm (US 3 1/4") panel
10. Die cut larger houses on Front RHS 9cm (US 3 1/2") panel
11. Trim down and across score lines (& to the panel end) as necessary
12. Bone fold scorelines 

13. Ink up & stamp greeting on Front RHS larger houses panel
14. Ink up & stamp back paper panel as necessary

15. Adhere Back LHS smaller houses panel (to LHS) and Front RHS Trees panel (to RHS) to the bottom of the front face of the larger Whisper White Back Panel using the 1cm (US 1/2") sections/tabs in valley fold orientation

16. Adhere background DSP panel to front face of Back Panel (duly covering up those 1 cm/US 1/2" tabs)

17. Make sure your small tab fits in the slot. Trim if necessary...
18. You may also find you need to trim off the slope to the right hand side of the Back LHS panel so that the horizon is neater behind the front houses...


  1. Hi Amanda, Chris and I tried this out last week and you have made it so simple to make now. I never could be bothered with the old style, too faffy for me, but I can see these being very popular with my ladies.
    I have scheduled a post and put a link back to here for you - you are AMAZING Sis!!


    1. Aw brill Kate...and thanks... definitely a fave of lots of my ladies! Just a simple way to achieve most of the effect....


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