Friday, 30 May 2014

Retiring List UK – Discounted Items

This is the first in a series of overviews of the  UK items on the Stampin’ Up! 2013-14 Retiring List….

Go straight to my On Line Store here for the full Retiring List…. with pictures & prices all on the one screen (select ALL)

First up…. THE ITEMS THAT STAMPIN’ UP! HAVE DISCOUNTED ….. starting with the Reduced Stamp Sets….. followed quickly in this post by the reduced Embellishments, Papers, Ink, Wheels & Tools

Just press on the little pictorials to see prices & more details…

If you are ordering on-line in any case – just pop them into your basket whilst you are there!!! But don’t forget to enter my hostess code QRMXUEA6on your on-line order (note  - do not use this hostess code if you are ordering over £150+…claim your Stampin Rewards instead…!!!)

If you are visiting, emailing or phoning me with your order – don’t forget to make a note of the relevant item code!


Stampin᾿ Up! Retiring Reduced Stamp Sets

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Next up the Reduced Embellishments….


Now, the Reduced Papers….

Reduced Inks…

Stampin᾿ Up! Reduced Retiring Inks

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Reduced Wheels ( Stampin Around)

Reduced Tools