Monday, 2 June 2014

Retiring List 2014–Stamps

And this is the last of the pictorial overview series of the UK retiring products from the 2013-14 Annual Catalogue…. the Stamps… first the wood mounts…and then the clear mounts… If a stamp is only available in one mount option…it appears on both lists for completeness….

Although I will be back with another relevant post….. one for all the items in the Spring & Summer Catalogue that are not carrying over into the new Annual Catalogue…..

Click on an item picture for price & more details… Note that no pictorial - or description underneath the pictorial - means it has already sold out….

Popular ones (that are still left to buy in one of the mount options) to point out…. Sweet Essentials, Filmstrip, Baby Prints, So Sorry, Fine Feathers, Perfectly Penned, En Francais, Loving Thoughts, Love & Laughter, Off the Grid, Happy Day, Hello Doily, Morning Post Alphabet. I am particularly gutted to see Perfectly Penned, Baby Prints & Loving Thoughts leave me….

And finally – a big shout out for fellow team member Becky Cornford down in St. Albans for her awesome product builder tool that has enabled me to put together these pictorial overviews for you…. please feel free to pop over to her blog and tell her how awesome her clever tool is…!

Stampin᾿ Up! Retiring Wood Mount Stamps

Table built by

Stampin᾿ Up! Retiring Clear Mount Stamp Sets

Table built by

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