Friday, 20 November 2015

Partial Bendi Fold Card with Fancy Fold Friday Tutorial

A Bendi Fold card was the first card I HAD to make once I had my Sleigh Ride edgelits in my hand...
But the right panel was too short and I thought there would be a problem with the card in the hands of the receiver... The card will arrive flat in the envelope and I have to hope that they spot both slots and manage to assemble it...

Probably definitely not the back slot... as it is difficult to see and difficult to assemble...
So I changed the card to just have the front slot... as I reckon that one will be managed! And from a distance it looks exactly the same as the Full Bendi Fold version...

Also spot the merry Christmas greeting - it is just using the co-ordinating Jingle All The Way stamp set - merry from "merry everything" and Christmas from "home for Christmas". 

I just covered the words on the stamp that I didn't want with a post it note, inked up the stamp, removed the post it note and stamped...then repeated with the other stamp...
And the background is Baby Wipe Marbled again...on Shimmer White card here - just using Night of Navy ink this time... very subtle so may not show up in the photo...
And  - seeing as it is Fancy Fold Friday - here are the metric instructions for this Partial Bendi Fold version...

Recipe - I used all Shimmer White card 
Back Panel 14.8 x 10.5cm
Front RHS Panel 14.8 x 6.5cm 
Front LHS panel 13.5 x 8.5cm
Marbled Background Panel 14.3 x 10cm

1. With Front RHS 6.5cm panel LANDSCAPE - score at 1cm from both sides
2. Turn the panel over and mark 1 and 2.5cm down from the top on the left score line
3. Cut above and below to form a tab 

4. With Front LHS 8.5cm LANDSCAPE - score at 1cm from one side 
5. With score to Left, line up panel LANDSCAPE at 5cm on Top Bar
6. Cut from 5.5 to 7.5cm

7. Die cut houses on Front LHS 8.5cm panel
8. Die cut trees on Front RHS 6.5cm panel
9. Trim down score line as necessary
10. Bone fold scorelines
11. Ink up & stamp merry Christmas on Front RHS Trees panel
12. Adhere Front LHS Houses panel (to LHS) and Front RHS Trees panel (to RHS) to the front face of the larger Back Panel using the 1cm sections/tabs

13. Emboss & Baby Wipe Marble smaller 14.3 x 10cm background panel 
14. Adhere background panel to front face of Back Panel ( duly covering up those 1 cm tabs)

15. Make sure your small tab fits in the slot. Trim if necessary...

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog


  1. are you going to post Imperial measurements? this is a beautiful card

    1. Maybe Mary Jo.... I do have another version to share..... Cough! Oh and thanks...glad you like it....

  2. Lovely card! A Bendi Fold card was in the running when I was deciding what to make for my cards this year....maybe next year. I do always consider the recipient when making a card that requires 'assembly'. One year I made a Step Card with the center panel the largest. I put a telescoping snowman on it. Had to collapse him for mailing and was wondering if people would get what they were to do when they got it. I did a test run & hand delivered several cards to see if they understood...most did not. So before mailing the rest, I added a note making it sound like the snowman was talking to them about being so cramped in the envelope and could they help him stand up. Worked great.
    This works too. Looks just as good as the original. Great idea!

    1. Thanks the snowman speech idea... I had a friend open up a freestanding pop up card before me... She was lost! It was very funny at the time.... But I learnt a lot! So as a result I do tend to think about the recipient too....


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