Friday, 12 December 2014

White Christmas Glitter Disaster!!

And now for something different… I suppose you could call this a blooper… or a disaster if you had been standing where I was… but I learnt 2 new things from I thought I should share….

First of all I read a blog post in the morning by Bryan King, one of our talented Stampin Up! demonstrators in the US  - where he shared his dislike of glitter and mess – and a picture of a bottle of Dazzling Details that said a 1000 words about glitter and mess!!… I even hear myself utter the word “oops – how did that happen!”….. so not that I am blaming Bryan…but…

Later that evening… picture the scene… my table about to be cleared & set up for my class the following night

Glitter Glitter everywhere.. (4) 

And a final tweak to my BIG 8” Square Flap card… just the addition of silver glitter to the roofline of the house using my bottle of Dazzling Details ….. when the un-thinkable happened… I pressed so hard….that a glitter shooting star shot 7 foot across the table as the plug shot out & across the table….

First of all, here is the glitter mountain on my finished card….

Glitter Glitter everywhere.. (1)

Then, here is the glitter iceberg for the polar bear on the second version of the card panel I had made for demo purposes … that card is half way up the table – about 4 foot away…. just in front of the Simply Scored board…

Glitter Glitter everywhere.. (3)

With the final eruption landing on my guillotine… and the plug finally coming to rest behind the bone folder!! At least 7 feet away from me….

Glitter Glitter everywhere.. (5)

Now I cannot possibly repeat the words I uttered when this happened…..  But as I said… I learnt 2 very important things about Dazzling Details….

Firstly… there is SO much in that little bottle…. as you can see a huge amount landed in each of the 3 positions…. but that little bottle is still mainly full!!! And the plug just went back in – and it is back in use ( but I won’t be squeezing it hard like that again!!)

Secondly… that it just wipes away!!! I acted fast and there isn’t a speck of silver glitter remaining on my cards etc. And so my class was saved…. phew….

Any of your crafting bloopers you would like to share with me…. I am sure you would make me feel much better!!


Brian King said...

Amanda, My spill happened on scratch paper - I can't imagine your panic when it hit your project and scoring plate. That's enough to create instant-tears. Thanks for the shoutout. :)

Brian King said...

Oh! Your paneled project looks pretty amazing!