Friday, 12 December 2014

DL White Christmas Snow Banks Scene Card with a How To

White Christmas, Holiday Home DL Scene 001

Just when I thought I had finished with White Christmas I found a card that I haven’t yet shared. Apologies for the bad photos recently  – but I broke one of my special light-box lights last week…. and I hope that Santa has a new set for me in that sleigh!!! Edited to add… Oops I had actually shared this before… so why couldn’t I find the photo I took before!!

This is a simple DL card that I made as a practice card for the BIG card shown below! Now when I posted the big card  I was later asked how I had stamped the snow banks…and I promised some more details when I re-ran the class …. so here is a little step by step with pictures for you….

White Christmas_Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa,  (6)

There are other ways of doing this… but  I decided to do it this way as I had completely new crafters making the cards so other methods were more likely to go wrong – or need the Stamp A Ma Jig/equipment that they don’t have and don’t need with their photopolymer stamp set…. and also as the same method could be used for another part of the card….

White Christmas Snow Bank Cutting 001 (2)

1. Stick the paper onto the white card mat leaving about 2” loose at the bottom ( ie no glue at the bottom !!!) You could also use temporary adhesive – but  I didn’t want to introduce another type of glue for my new crafters…

White Christmas Snow Bank Cutting 002

2 Ink up & stamp image to bottom of paper.

White Christmas Snow Bank Cutting 003

3. Lift up the un-glued bottom part of the paper & cut just below/on the black sky line. Oops a gap in the tree trunk!!!

White Christmas Snow Bank Cutting 004

4. Draw in the tree trunk (s) using the thin end of a Basic Black marker pen… Yay…no gap!

5. Now you can stick the bottom of the paper down….

White Christmas Snow Bank Cutting 005

6. Same method to extend the skyline between the 2 lots of tree images on the larger panel. Just draw a line in to join the images together using the thin end of your black marker pen…. and cut as necessary….

And as I know some of you are wondering…. yes my new crafters all achieved the big card!!! And they were all fabulous….. Even my completely new crafter who came last minute to the last session of my trio of Beginner workshops. Didn’t HE do well!!! We did laugh at this being his first card…… in at the deep end or what!!

And … come back later for something awful that happened to the big card…. less than 24 hours before my class!!! I dread to think what words I uttered before I cried….. You would not credit it…… and I have some fellow demo’s blog post on that day that I have to blame!!! All will be revealed….


Cindy smithers said...

Your cards are absolutely stunning. I just found your blog..I am sad because xmas is over. I live in the United States, do you make card kits that could be shipped to the US. Again your work is stunning,

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Thanks again Cindy. What a wonderful comment to start off the New Year!!! Don't be sad though...lots of new cardmaking themes to get excited over!!! And then it will be Christmas all over again...

Please email me about card kits for US shipment ( see EMAIL ME link to top RHS of my blog). I will see what I can do for you...