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Shadow Box Frame Card Tutorial for Fancy Fold Friday

Shadow Box Frame Card - Joe 16 - by Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa (4)
Today I have something for you that I have been meaning to do for a while… a Fancy Fold Friday post – including the Tutorial for my favourite card format at the moment! I hope that this is the first of many! Fancy Fold Friday posts that is!!
Shadow Box Frame Card - Joe 16 - by Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa (7)
When we made these Shadow Box Frames a month or so ago… I promised my ladies a card using the same concept… so here is one version of what I came up with. A very solid chunky card – perfect for special occasions…
Shadow Box Frame Card - Joe 16 - by Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa (9)
It seemed appropriate to share it now as it is my son’s 16th Birthday today… so Happy Birthday Joe! And as long standing readers of my blog will know –  today is the day to share my annual Real Red card  - no guesses as to his favourite colour!
Shadow Box Frame Card - Joe 16 - by Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa (17)
But before I share the tutorial – these details should be read in conjunction with my original tutorial which has  pictures of each step for you. Edited to add Jan 2016- some key photos added on this post too!

In fact I strongly recommend that you make up one of the shadow boxes as per my original tutorial first… call it a practice run! The adhering of the sides (steps 6&7)  is harder in this version – so it is better that you know what to do before you do it!!!

And I have to admit that I use Tombow on the straight sides for this version – as having a bit of wiggle time is very useful with this one! Still use Sticky Strip on those diagonals though…..

You will need
Whisper White Card 12”x12”; 12” x 6”
Real Red Card 4” Square
Whisper White Card 3 3/4” Square
Designer Series Paper 5 3/4” x 3/4” (x4)

1. Score Whisper White 12x12 card at 1”, 1 ½”, 2 ½” and 3” on all 4 sides.
2. Score extra score-lines across just 2 score lines at 4” and 8” on 2 opposing sides
3. Cut up these extra score lines & diagonally across to the 3rd score-line intersection
4. Cut off “16-square” section at each corner
 This is the "16 Square bit" cut out!
 With all 4 corners cut out...

5. Bone Fold
6. Adhere 2 straight sections
7. Adhere 2 notched side sections
8. Score LANDSCAPE 12” x 6” Whisper White card in half at 6”
9. Bone Fold
10. Adhere to back of box frame
11. Cut mitres in paper strips. ( this is a fab tip I picked up from my fantastic SU! mummy – Julie Kettlewell…)
- Place 2 strips on top of each other at 90degrees
- Snip across from inside to outside intersection
And my extra TIP- do one corner at a time & place each of the cut pieces down around your frame before you pick up the next 2 strips and cut. Then you have the matching mitres in position…
12. Decorate as required.
I just kept it classic & simple on the front – just greetings from the Fabulous Four set and numbers from my favourite Larger Than Life set.
And then some of the Speech Bubbles from the retiring Just Sayin set on the inside
Shadow Box Frame Card - Joe 16 - by Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa (1)
And the 3/4” deep box to wrap – and/or post it in – nice and simple…
  1. Cut 2 pieces of card. One to  7 7/8” Square and the other to 7 3/4” Square
  2. Score in at 3/4” on each side.
  3. Dart score lines on 2 opposing sides.
  4. Punch a 3/4” semicircle on 2 sides of the lid
  5. Apply glue to tabs and assemble
    TIP assemble the base first – then assemble the lid whilst it is on the base – that way you know the lid is going to fit on the base!!
  6. Decorate as required
Shadow Box Frame Card - Joe 16 - by Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa (17)
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  1. Just discovered your blog and really enjoy reading how you make your gorgeous creations. Thank you for sharing them, and telling us how you do it!

  2. Me too - just found your blog as I was Googling "shadow box cards" and found your tutorial - LOVE the card for your son, awesome in red and white. This is different than the one I saw before, this has the sides all boxed in. Very unique, love it! :) Thanks for sharing xx

  3. WOW!!! I LOVE your blog. I just made the original shadow box while reading along on my laptop. LOVE IT!!! I can see myself making a LOT of these...thank you for the directions!

    1. Thx Mary Jo... And yay... one achieved already! I think most people are surprised at how easy they are.... Dig around here for a few other variants! They are SO addictive! Yet more planned....

  4. Okay, I just confused myself. Looking at the original I see the cut connects to the 16 square to be removed. Following along on this tutorial, at 4" I score to the second line, that would be 1 1/2" then I cut on a diagonal to 2 1/2" I'm no where near the 16 I reading this wrong or is that the way it's supposed to be? Would love to make this...just don't have the talent you do!

    1. Thanks Katy and... I have added some photos for you...

      Your diagonal cut over to the 3rd or 2 1/2" score-line should connect onto the square (ie onto the 4th scoreline ie 3" ) as in the original tutorial...

      It looks slightly different as the '16-square' sections are different sizes/not square.. but same in principle...

      Hope the photos help as what you have written sounds correct... let me know how you get on...

    2. Bless your heart! I really appreciate it...I knew I was confusing myself and it wasn't your tutorial as it was very clear...I was trying to count squares as if they were all the same size. I'm off to make this card now!! Woo Hoo!

    3. Woo Hoo! LOL! Hope you have been successful by now...

  5. I've just made my second one of these Amanda - I love it! Thanks for such a clear, easy to follow tutorial.

    1. Thanks Joanne...looking forward to seeing your second one too! They do become rather addictive though!

  6. Wow! Amanda I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago now and I've been back and forth browsing when time allows.... Your shadow box cards have 'wowed' me each time. Finally tonight I set about making one of my own - what fun! This is the perfect card for a special occasion or milestone birthday. Thank you so much for your clear and detailed tutorial. x

    1. Thank you glad you got to make one of your own... You will probably suffer a bit of an addiction with them now....!

  7. Just got to your blog and these instructions via Pinterest! Great tutorial- easily followed to make my own version in dark blue card stock, Moroccan DSP and copper foil numbers. I also used copper embossing powder on my greeting. Punched bows out of the DSP to add to bottom corners to cover the mites tharpt were a tad less than perfect. Typed the inside sentiment on Very Vanilla Cardstock. I'm going to make more for sure! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hello Vicky and my pleasure... hope you enjoy making more as yours sounds lovely....


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