Friday, 30 October 2015

Tutorial for Hearth & Home Centre Step Easel Card

Seeing as this card is still getting a huge amount of daily hits.... think it is time for its tutorial! Which I have just realised didn't get posted quite when I thought.... oops...sorry!

I have posted a few more cards using this design.... press on the photo to go to the original posting... and I think there will be some more pretty soon as this is still definitely a favourite card at my classes....

First up...the Metric version from A4 card ... and then the Imperial (inches) version from 12x12 card. 

Go here for another Centre Step Easel Card variant and/or if you would like photos to accompany the step by steps... 

Centre Step Easel Card Tutorial (Metric from A4)
Whisper White Cardstock  14.8 x 29.7cm (ie A4L) OR 14.8 x 28.9cm if you want to tuck the base up into the card for mailing in a C6 envelope

1.       PORTRAIT at 4cm on Top Bar 
2.       Cut 2.5 to 13cm
3.       PORTRAIT at 10.8cm on Top Bar LHS
4.       Cut 2.5 to 13cm

5.       LANDSCAPE. With cuts to Left Hand Side…
6.       2.5 cm on Top Bar (LHS) Score  outside sections (ie 0-4cm; LIFT; 10.8 to 14.8cm)
7.       5cm on Top Bar (LHS)  Score  outside sections
8.       13cm on Top Bar (LHS)  Score  outside sections

9.       LANDSCAPE. With cuts to Left Hand Side…
10.     10.5cm on Top Bar (LHS) Score across middle section. (ie 4 to 10.8cm)
11.     21cm on Top Bar (LHS) Score across whole card drop (ie 0 to 14.8cm)

12. Fold lightly…
Outer Sections – 2.5cm Mountain, 5cm Valley, 13cm Mountain
Middle Section at 10.5cm – Mountain
Whole Section at 21cm – Mountain

And here is the Imperial (inches) version from 12x12 card
I don't think this card would work from the standard US 8 1/2 x 11" there wouldn't be enough of a lip at the front to mount a greeting/stop for the easel card format. 

Centre Step Easel Card Tutorial (Imperial from 12x12)
1.      Cut 12x12 cardstock to 6” wide (ie 6 x 12”)

2.      PORTRAIT at 1 5/8” on Top Bar 
3.      Cut 1” to 5 1/8”
4.      PORTRAIT at 4 3/8" on Top Bar 
5.      Cut 1” to 5 1/8”

6.      LANDSCAPE. With cuts to Left Hand Side…
7.      1” on Top Bar (LHS) Score  outside sections ( ie 0-1 5/8”; LIFT; 4 3/8"-6”)
8.      2” on Top Bar (LHS)  Score  outside sections
9.      5 1/8” on Top Bar (LHS)  Score  outside sections

10.   LANDSCAPE. With cuts to Left Hand Side…
11.    4 1/8” on Top Bar (LHS) Score across middle section. ( ie 1 5/8"- 4 3/8")
12.   8 ¼” on Top Bar (LHS) Score across whole card drop ( ie 0 to 6”)
13.   Fold lightly…
Outer Sections – 1” Mountain, 2” Valley, 5 1/8”Mountain
Middle Section at 4 1/8” – Mountain
Whole Section at 8 ¼” – Mountain


Tracy said...

You're creations are ALWAYS stunning! I admire all the effort you put into your projects and willingness to share with others. Hands down, my favorite blog. Thank you for all you do, Amanda!

Amanda said...

Wow Tracy... Gee shucks! Definitely my favourite comment ever....! So honoured to be your favourite blog... And delighted that you like my creative endeavours so much!

Anonymous said...

Love these cards!! But....I'm not understanding a does it fold closed to fit into an envelope? I went to the page that shows pictures which helped with understanding the construction and how it stands (opened) but no mention of how it closes. Went to all the pages with this style card and on 2 of them, you show a pic of it closed but not how you got it there.The back side is not made like a typical Easel Card so it can't collapse like that. Are you folding the base (with the prop on it) back so it comes up behind?
I know when I find the answer I'll be hitting my forehead saying "Duh"
Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

Thank you Lisa... Glad you like the card... Check back tm for some photos just taken which will make it all clear.... In the meantime I just use a C5 envelope....

Anonymous said...

Thank You