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Double Pop Out Swing Card Tutorial.... for Fancy Fold Friday...

Long awaited post today for some of you... as today brings the Tutorial for the Double Pop Out Swing card... I think I have had more messages about this one than any other card I have ever created...

But before I start... announcement... the Retiring List publishes next Monday, 9th April at 8 or 9pm UK time (actually says 8pm GMT but we are on BST hours now!! So it might be 9pm!!) Some items will be discounted... and all available only while stocks last!! So I recommend on-line ordering for everyone!!

So ... another 2 versions of this card have already been shared... click the photo(s) below OR here for the MUMMY Petal Passion one... or here for the MUM Springtime Foils one...
And I am really ahead of the game with this card... as it isn't my sons 19th birthday until May...  a bit of a first for me!! Wonder if I will remember I have made it by then...!
Craft Spa Recipe
And sorry to my US followers as this is very specific to rest-of-the-world A4 card/C6 envelopes and centimetres measurements... as preciseness is key... I will try to convert for a sensible A2 card from US Letter cardstock/A2 envelope... but it will have to be another day.... On Stage awaits me after all!!! And I am on my way...

Card Blank A4L(long) x 10.5cm (aka 29.7 x 10.5cm OR 11 3/4" x 4 1/8")
Inner Panel 21.8 x 10.1cm
Tabs 7.2 x 4cm
Paper Front Sides 6.6 x 9.7cm (x2)
Paper In-Sides 3.2 x 9.7cm (x4)
Paper Centre Back 7 x 9.7cm
(OPTIONAL) Paper In-Side outer Left & Right 6.6 x 9.7cm (x2) See notes in Tutorial - pt.14
(D) Card 5cm x A4L (White in this card/Smoky Slate in the MUM card/Black in the MUMMY card)
(St) White Card 4.5cm x A4L (not required in this card)
 where (D) is for die- cutting and (St) is for stampin & punching
(D) Silver Foil (for the numbers on this card) or Whisper White (for the letters in the MUMMY card)

SU! Products used
Large Numbers dies
Perennial Birthday (Greeting)

  1. Place larger (A4L) Card Blank cardstock LANDSCAPE onto trimmer
  2. Score at 7.4cm
  3. Turn 180 degrees
  4. Score at 7.4cm
  5. Valley bone fold to meet in centre...
  6. Place smaller (21.8cm L) Inner Panel cardstock LANDSCAPE onto trimmer
  7. Score at 3.6, 7.2, 14.6, 18.2cm
  8. Bone fold Mountain/Valley/Valley Mountain
  9. Place smallest Tabs cardstock LANDSCAPE onto trimmer
  10. Score at 3.6cm
  11. Place it PORTRAIT on trimmer
  12. Cut into 4 x 1cm wide tab pieces
  13. Mountain bone fold the 4 tabs
  14. Decorate all panels.... Note that the OPTIONAL Inner LHS & RHS outer panels can only be done when using thinner papers such as these Petal Passion papers... the Springtime Foils (as used on this version) makes it too thick for the die to cut through the resultant 3 layers... and it is very difficult to cut a separate piece of paper in exactly the right position!! (but not impossible!!)
  15. Die cut front sides of Card Blank (Tip for easier/straighter cutting... I used a piece of Grid Paper and marked out a 3.7cm line (ie half of the 7.4cm width) to aid the eye... this was temporarily stuck onto the underside of my thin ( Metallic die) plate so everyone could ue it all the classes...
  16. Die cut 3 frames (White in this card/Smoky Slate in the Springtime Foils card)
  17. Stamp, silver emboss letters & frames AND Everyday Label Punch as necessary (none in this card but is on the Springtime Foils version)
  18. Adhere centre of Inner Panel to back Card Blank panel (TIP - the score lines of the Inner Panel line up perfectly within the scorelines of the Outer Card Blank when you lay it all down flat)

    NOTE - this Tutorial assumes that you have already created a single Pop Out Swing card and so know how to stick the Tabs in and stick the frames in the aperture... If not... then please visit this Tutorial here for further pictorial instruction...  points 12-17
  19. Fold over left hand sides of Inner Panel flat onto central section (ie both open)
  20. Adhere 2 Tabs to top and bottom
  21. Open Z fold section with Tabs out to left, apply glue on top of Tabs and fold LHS of card onto the glued Tabs
  22. Repeat for Right Hand Side (and a Tip from my ladies... a lot of them found it easier to turn the whole card around 180 degrees... as they were used to sticking the Tabs in that way round!)
  23. Close left hand side of Card Blank onto Z folded Inner Panel left hand side & adhere frame through aperture
  24. Repeat for right hand side
  25. Adhere all other parts... I just faux stitched the frames with a Basic Black marker pen


  1. Oh Wow I got so excited to see this tutorial thank you so much ! ! ! I'm over the moon now, you have made my day, my week, my weekend and my month !!!


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