Friday, 27 April 2018

A7 Pop Out Swing Card with Tutorial aka The Small, Wee One!!

Definitely a card on the cute scale in the flesh!! Proving that small can be so beautiful!!
And seeing as it is Fancy Fold Friday... here's a tutorial for you...
Craft Spa Recipe
And sorry to my US followers as this is very specific to rest-of-the-world A4 card/C7 envelopes and centimetres measurements... as preciseness is key... I will try to convert for a sensible card from US Letter cardstock/envelope... but in the meantime can anyone tell me the size for a standard US envelope about half your A2 size!?

Card Blank - Thick Whisper White -14.8 x 10.5cm  (5 7/8" x 4 1/8")
Inner Panel - Thin Whisper White- 10.8 x 10.1cm
Tabs - Thin Whisper White- 7.2 x 1.3cm (x2)

Paper Front 7cm x 4" (10.1cm)
Paper In-Sides 3.2 x 9.7cm (x2)

(D) Basic Black Card 5cm x 6cm  
(St) White Card 4.5cm x 10cm pp

where (D) is for die- cutting and (St) is for stamping & punching and pp is per person

SU! Products used
Petal Passion Papers (RETIRING SOON)
Lots of Labels dies (RETIRING SOON)

Everyday Label Punch
Lots of Happy Card Kit stamps (fussy cut flowers)
Perennial Birthday (greeting)

  1. Place larger (Card Blank/14.8cm L) cardstock panel LANDSCAPE onto trimmer
  2. Score at 7.4cm
  3. Bone fold (valley)

  4. Place smaller (Inner Panel /10.8cm L) cardstock panel LANDSCAPE onto trimmer
  5. Score at 3.6 & 7.2cm
  6. Z Bone fold (mountain/valley)

  7. Place smallest (Tabs/7.2cm L) cardstock LANDSCAPE onto trimmer (x2)
  8. Score at 3.6cm (x2)
  9. Bone fold (mountain) (x2)

  10. Decorate all panels.... 
  11. Die cut front of Card Blank (Tip for easier/straighter cutting...
    I used a piece of Grid Paper and marked out a 3.7cm line (ie half of the 7.4cm width) to aid the eye... this was temporarily stuck onto the underside of my thin (Metallic die) plate so everyone could use it all the classes... worked like a charm!
  12. Die cut Basic Black Lots of Labels frame

  13. Stamp greeting AND Everyday Label Punch 
  14.  Faux Stitch using thin end of your Basic Black Stampin Marker (Tip- just draw 3 stitches at a time- easier and faster - and neater too!!

    NOTE - this Tutorial assumes that you have already created a Pop Out Swing card and so know how to stick the parts & Tabs in ...  but if not... then please visit this Tutorial here for further pictorial instruction...  points 7-17
  15. Adhere Z folded Inner Panel to RHS of open card blank (note: valley fold of Z Fold panel to LHS when stuck )
  16. Fold over front of Card Blank. (with Z folded panel folded)
  17.  Apply glue through aperture onto top of Z fold panel (ie to RHS of aperture) 
  18. Adhere Basic Black Label frame

  19. Open up Card blank. Open out Z folded panel to the right.
  20. Adhere 2 Tabs to top and bottom (fold to outside)
  21. Open up Z fold section with Tabs out to left, apply glue on top of Tabs and fold Card Blank onto the glued Tabs

  22. Adhere all other parts... 


Brenda said...

Do you have this with the American measures?

Amanda said...

No sorry I don’t Brenda... but if you can let me know what a US equivalent card (1/2 your A2 size) size is ... then I can take it from there... thanks...