Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Impossible - New Home - Card with TUTORIAL...

This is a card theme we don't get to make often...  and the Welcome Home dies seemed perfect for the job I had in mind... along with the greetings in the co-ordinating Home Life stamps .. available as a bundle with 10% off here too... but only till 31st May...
So I was plotting a simple pop up card or something... and then the latest craze of The Impossible Card caught my eye... and it just had to be done...

The Impossible Card is a card originally designed by Claire and appearing first here on her iheartmaggie site... her inspiration for the card fold was a magic playing card trick (known as Hypercard ) ... and I have to add that this card fold is a truly inspired and very clever twist of the card Claire!!!

Claire then made and shared a video here on the Trimcraft You Tube site/blog... which is short enough for (even) me to watch!! Though blink and you will miss the key moment!! And now there are probably 30 or so videos to choose from... but not a lot in writing...
So seeing as it is Tuesday... a Tuesday Tutorial for you... Note that I have used a Foil Frenzy paper that is different on both sides for the tutorial pictures... makes the trick a bit more obvious!

But before I start... you can also see a Garden Shed version posted previously here...

1.       Cut an A6 card sized panel ie 14.8 x 10.5cm (US Letter 5 ½” x 4 ¼”)

2.       PORTRAIT. Line up at 5.25cm (US 2”)
3.       Score from 4 to 10.8cm (US 1 ½” to 4”)
4.       LANDSCAPE. Line up at 7.4cm (US 2 ¾”)
5.       Cut from score-line (ie 5,25cm or US 2) up to 0
6.       Turn the piece of card 180degrees (so that your cut line is now at the bottom)

7.       LANDSCAPE. Line up at 4cm.(US 1 ½”)
8.       Cut from score-line (ie 5,25cm or US 2) up to 0
9.       LANDSCAPE. Line up at 10.8cm (US 4”)
10.   Cut from score-line (ie 5,25cm or US 2) up to 0
So you end up with this...  
11.   With central cut line to bottom/front…hold the top/back left hand cut/sections in your left hand
12.   Flip the right hand “back to front L shape” back on itself on the central fold… so that the top/back narrower section ends up at the front/bottom... and upside down!
13.   Bone Fold centre scoreline at the right hand side (ie above the cut-out/notch section)
14.   Pull left hand side of central scoreline/section up and fold to front/bottom (ie back on itself) & Bone Fold

15.   Cut your “grass” papers to size… 7 x 10cm (x2) (US 2½” x 4” - x 2)
16.   PORTRAIT lined up at 3.5cm. Cut 5.25cm to 0 (US line up at 1 ¼”.Cut 2 ⅛” to 0)
17.   LANDSCAPE (with cut to left hand side) lined up at 5.25cm. Cut 3.5cm to 0. (US line up 2”.Cut 1 ¼” to 0)
18.   Repeat for 2nd piece of paper
And an admittance… the 2 panels should really be cut slightly differently… but I decided that life was too short!! So both of mine are the same…and lined up to best compromise!

19.   Decorate as required. I wanted a clean and simple style… kind of the "less is more" aspect of the hygge style... so just added a wooden die cut house and heart… and a couple of greetings… Job done...

Stampin Up Products Used
Papers - Naturally EclecticWood Textures
Stamps - 
Home Life, Beautiful Bouquet
Dies – Welcome Home
Sweet & Sassy
Card & Ink - A4 Mint Macaron card, Memento Ink, Mint Macaron Ink


witchypoo said...

Amanda... Thank you so much for this Tutorial, I love your "House/Home" card and can't wait to give it a go. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to show us how to make these cards, it is truly appreciated.

Amanda said...

Thank you for the appreciation... that means a lot...

ali said...

I have been looking at these cards and thinking looks complicated, however you have made it seem doable, i may have a go this weekend thanks amanda

Amanda said...

Definitely easy to do once you have spotted the ‘trick of the turn’...

Claire said...

Fab tutorial and spin on the impossible card, thanks for the mention :) xx