Thursday, 26 March 2015

Berry Basket Planter… Work in Progress!

Easter Treats Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa 058Easter Treats Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa 052

A few of you asked what Berry Basket project I had been originally plotting for my mothers’ Ferrero Rocher treats for Mothers Day…

Well it looked like this… but those heavy little chocolates just made it tip over… so I went back to the drawing board… but in the meantime some little blossoms from Indescribable Gift just made it in the planter…so I think you can get the idea…. definitely a work in progress….. though now not for Easter…. plotting for her birthday in July now!!

And yes…. the base is made from 2 Berry Basket die cut sides too… just an extra score 3/4”(2cm) down from the die-score-line…eh voila!

The “stand part” is added…simple little long box that goes neatly into the base through a punched square with tabs opened up underneath…

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LesleyG said...

Fab idea! TFS xxx