Friday, 13 March 2015

Something Lacy Silver Clay Pendant

Something Lacy, Silver Clay Pendant, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 012

So this is what I made on Tuesday. Now folks… this is what you could call serious kissing using a rubber stamp!! 99% silvers’ worth!

For years I have wanted to take a rubber stamp and go and make a silver clay pendant with it! After seriously hinting for 2 years worth of Christmas and birthday presents… in December I gave up and booked myself on a Silver Clay Pendant course…

Something Lacy, Silver Clay Pendant, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 008

So now I have…! And here is my make…  difficult to get a great photo though!

Of course, Something Lacy had to travel with me…well that stamp is too good not to share! And now I will for eternity! And I cannot believe how much detail comes off that stamp…

Something Lacy, Silver Clay Pendant, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 009

And I had such a fabulous morning. True crafting therapy for me!  After 6 years of running workshops for cardmaking, packaging and scrapbooking for others - I cannot tell you how lovely it was to be a true crafting beginner again, to sit at a workshop and be instructed – to make and learn something new and and to come away with something so beautiful. Thanks to Helen Drye at Silver & Stone Jewellery in Riccall, York for such a fabulous workshop.

And of course I had the perfect box (already made and shared here) to pop it into…. though this pendant will be around my neck…not in a gift box!

Something Lacy, Silver Clay Pendant, Amanda Bates, The Craft Spa 018Something Borrowd Tag Talk Sloping Jewellery Box by Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa  (8)

And now I have realised how much of my stash can be used for Silver Clay work… think there may be a little clay purchase coming along soon….. though I think it may be a little silver and a lot more of bronze! Well I have to have pure crafty play time…. lots of ideas already!!

Although first I will use some of my newly learnt techniques with our Stampin’ Up! Simply Pressed clay – and moulds. Luckily no fire involved with this clay… I am sure the new techniques will prove useful…. watch this space!

Simply Pressed Clay

Simply Pressed White Clay 2.4 oz. 130685  Price: £6.25

Moulding clay to create your own embellishments. Use with our silicone moulds. Add colour by kneading ink into clay or colouring with markers after it dries for a more saturated look. Air dry is all you need.

Buttons & Blossoms Simply Pressed Clay Molds

Buttons & Blossoms Simply Pressed Clay Molds   2 total molds: 1 with 3 flowers, 1 with 3 buttons  2-1/4" diameter; 3/8" high   131272  Price: £7.25

Silicone molds to create your own embellishments. Use with our Simply Pressed Clay.

Alphanumeric Simply Pressed Clay Mold by Stampin' Up!

Alphanumeric Simply Pressed Clay Mold  137854  Price: £8.95

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Joanne James - The Crafty Owl said...

Amanda your necklace is so pretty! Great job and how nice to be learning something new and experiencing 'the other side of the fence' for once.

Amanda said...

Thanks Joanne. Great experience! Can't wait to try a few new things with our clay!

Kate M said...

Wow Amanda - this is fabulous - glad to see you made good use of your day - love how you have used your Something Lacy Stamp!!

Unknown said...

Lovely pendant, thanks for the special shout out!