Monday 9 March 2015

Shadow Box Frame Tutorial & Spring

Shadow Box Frame, Sheltering Trees for All Seasons SPRING by Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa   (1)

So here is another Shadow Box Frame we made last week.  Go here to see the other one made from a piece of 12” Painted Blooms paper.

This was the practice sample for everyone at the All Day Event…but it was quickly put to good use with a stamped Canvas Creations panel.

Shadow Box Frame, Sheltering Trees for All Seasons SPRING by Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa   (3)

Got to love Sheltering Tree for a quick home decor project…..

And just in case you are wondering…the other Seasons will be shared at some point…. thought I’d concentrate on the Tutorial first….

Shadow Box Frame, Sheltering Trees for All Seasons SPRING by Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa   (2)

First thing to point out… both of these Shadow Box Frames were made in exactly the same way…. so following this Tutorial will make either Shadow Box Frame… this one starts out with an A4 piece of cardstock whereas the Painted Blooms one starts out with a 12”x12” piece of paper!

Second thing to point out…. definitely easier to make these in cardstock! So try one in cardstock first!

And the third thing…. a scoreboard makes this a very easy make! I am now making these in just over 5 minutes…though your first will take 20-30 minutes!

Shadow Box Frame Tutorial

1. Score at ½”, 1”, 1 ½” and 2” on all 4 sides.


2. With A4 card PORTRAIT - make an “extra score” at 2 ½” from top to 2nd score-line down and from bottom up to 2nd score-line up


3. Turn 180 degrees and repeat (2)

4. Cut up these extra score lines and diagonally across to the 3rd score line


5. Cut out the “16-part” squares at each corner



6. Bone fold all score-lines

7. Apply Sticky Strip to folded side of outer-most sections on all 4 sides

8. Apply Sticky Strip across back of 4 diagonal sections

9. Assemble straight sides first.
Recommend sticking any paper/photo in first before assembling if you want as an edge to edge back!
Remove part of red protective cover

10. Line up outer edge to inner score-line at that end & press down flat to stick.

11. Line up outer edge to inner score line at other end & pull out rest of red protective cover to stick. Now your box section should pop up … nice and square and straight!!

12. Repeat for other straight edge

13. Now onto the 2 notched ends (narrower ends if using A4) …. Repeat process for the 2 straight sides BUT…. and this is the MOST important TIP…. Remove red protective cover on the 2 small diagonals and cover with some longer lengths of scrap red protective cover

14. Fold the straight edge down as before & glue into place

15. Then push the sides up & over the square/box side sections, get the mitres/diagonals in place & then pull the red protective cover out (concentrating on one side at a time!)

16. Repeat for the other notched side.
And there you have it…one 1/2” section Shadow Box Frame with perfect mitred corners!

From A4 – 11cm wide x 19.5cm high (about 4 1/4” x 7 3/4” high) with a back panel about 8 .5cm wide x 17cm high (about 3 1/4” x 6 3/4”)

And I guess that in the US (with 8 1/2” x 11” cardstock) you will end up with a 4 1/2” Wide x 7” high – and a back panel of 3 1/2” x 6”

And here is the 12” card/Painted Blooms paper version – nice 8” square back panel there….

Painted Blooms Box Frame Feb 2015 by Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa  (6)


Unknown said...

Awesome idea. Love this frame idea...very versatile.

Anne said...

Thanks for tutorial Amanda. X

Rachel Chamberlain said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Hope to try one soon!

L. Carol Christopher said...

Thank you for showing how to do your fabulous pieces!

Nathalie said...


Amanda said...

Merci bien Nathalie. Bonne Journee

Unknown said...

Superbe. Merci pour le tutoriel

Unknown said...

Merci pour le tutoriel. Bonne journée

Amanda said...

C'est mon plaisir Nenette.... Bonne Journee....

The Crafty Bat said...

Hi Amanda, Thank you so much for this tutorial been searching for the A4 version for a while. Quick question the extra score line that goes down to the second score.. Do you score at 2 1/2 for both extra lines or is there another measurement to go along with this?, Been trying to work it out. Ty x

Amanda said...

I am sure you will have worked this out by now... but The 3rd step ( i.e. Turn the piece of card 180 degrees and repeat step 2 which is to score at 2 1/2" top and bottom) gives you "the other measurement" you need.... easier/ more accurate that way with a piece of A4 card...

Unknown said...

Hi thanks for the tutorial it works a dream. Regards Richard

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Thank you Richard... and there are quite a lot more box frame tutorials on here if you use the search box (up at the top RHS)