Tuesday, 7 July 2015

10 Tips on Tuesday - Project Life Moments Like These

Well I haven't just got the one tip for you today for my Tuesday Tips, Techniques and Tutorials posts - but 10 instead!!! Hope you find them useful....

Tip no 1 - the Neutrals Paper Stack co-ordinates so perfectly! Top Tip!!
Check out the text on the paper and on the PL cards. It is the same font, spacing and layout - albeit that the words are different... Perfect co-ordination - Thank you Stampin Up!

This is why my Mega Bundle includes half a stack of paper....  Most of the paper stack sheets/colours can be used (just the 3 darker browns that don't co-ordinate  - Chocolate Chip, Early Espresso & Soft Suede)

So you can easily make extra pocket cards...

And you can do this! Just cut up a sheet of paper the size you need to cover a few pockets ( this is 6" wide x 8" high) - mount a photo - decorate as required... cut the sheet to fit in the pockets ...
And as an extra tip... the new In Color Paper Stack also co-ordinates so well in the same way but with the colours - well 3 of the colours  - Mint Macaron, Tip Top Taupe & Watermelon Wonder...

Tip no 2 - Give your pages a colour pop #1 
Colour in random words on the paper/PL cards with your marker pens. You will be amazed at how many words fit the theme of your pocket/page....

Tip no 2 - Give your pages a colour pop #2 
Colour symbols etc on the PL cards with your marker pens

Tip no 3 - Give your journalling a colour pop!
Grab your marker pens and write select words in your journalling in  colour
Or scribble over words instead...

Tip no 4 - How to make those little numbers easy to use! ( My favourite tip!!!)
Set up all 10 number circles on your clear block.
Ink them all up in your first colour eg Black & stamp on a strip of Whisper White card.
Repeat for the length of the strip.

Ink them all up in your 2nd colour eg Mint Macaron. Stamp on a 2nd strip. Repeat for the length.
Same again for 3rd colour eg Tip Top Taupe.
And for 4th eg Watermelon Wonder
When you need a number, grab a pre-stamped strip and a 1/4" circle punch and quickly punch as needed.

Tip no.5  - Need a feature - create it!
I needed a rocket to go next to the Rocket Tower at The Space Centre. No stamp. Could have used Punch Art ...but... a quick look at Build A Birthday and Sprinkles of Life - and all became clear! Blast off! 

Tip no 6 - Neaten up photos with Washi Tape
Got photos with borders at either side. (note that the photo is a collage created by some free software I found - can't remember which one I used now...sorry)
Grab your washi tape and cover up those gaps!
Tip no 7 - Find your logo
Amazing what you can find in a leaflet from the place you visited - or on the web...

Tip no 8 - Index your memories
Make an index card and number your photos too. This index card came in the pack...but I had to cut it in half to fit the page. So my coloured number circles are punches out and popped on top of the pocket....

Tip no 9 - Doodle your art
Label on a photo a bit plain - don't hesitate to doodle around the edge....
Tip no 10 - Leave a clear pocket
Looks great when you can see the next card/photo through a window.
The small square pocket cards in the accessory pack are brilliant for this type of feature.
Do remember that goes for both sides though....
And I could go on and on pointing out tips, features and details on these pages. But I won't or this will become the longest blog post in history!! Needless to say I REALLY enjoyed producing these pages. And now I have a great log of a great day all those years ago...

So where were we? At the National Space Centre in Leicester (UK). A great day out for an 8 year old boy with an inquisitive mind!

But last but not least... I have to show and explain my favourite pages from this day! Precious moments indeed.... especially as he is now 16 and I am lucky if I get one photo a year!
These represent a silly couple of minutes in the cafe... me with my camera out...Joe pulling silly faces and letting me photograph away! 
And then Dad arrived with hot chocolate and Rolos... so there were more silly faces as the Rolo went in... and then finally the face buried into the cup as the hot chocolate became of much more interest...

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