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Gift Bag Punch Board Box Card Tutorial

Warning heavy post....

First an apology! When this project was first shared a month ago...there were fewer views than usual and no comments... and I was surprised...and sad ... as I thought it was a great use of my new favourite tool - the Gift Bag Punch Board... in fact I had got quite excited!!!

The thing I particularly liked about this version of the Box Card is that there are no unwanted score lines that I need to cover with mats to the back of the card to stiffen/neaten... that need is designed out..... I couldn't do this so easily with my trusty Trimmer....

But I thought no-one else liked it... so I didn't write up and post the tutorial the following week as originally intended! I did have a few other things on my mind (the cut finger!!) that week too mind.....

And then 3-4 weeks later... all change... Pinterest and Google Search obviously did their magic... and the blog hits on this project have rocketed this week! So I am now SO sorry that I did not keep to my original plan.... I suppose I need to have more confidence in my own ideas....

And so ...finally... a tutorial for you... note that the step by step photos are for a new version I am working on!! So Old Olive instead of Thick Whisper White... and Pretty Papers Stack instead of the Mint Macaron Stack papers.

You will need…
Gift Bag Punch Board (GBPB)
Stampin Trimmer 
Cardstock 8 ¾” x 3 ¼”
Cardstock 3” x 1 ½”
DSP 5 5/8” x 3 3/8” (for 3 panels – if you want that stand up rear panel covered as well – cut 7 ½” x 3 3/8”)

1.      Place the large Whisper White panel LANDSCAPE on the GBPB with the LHS lined up on the “SIDE line within the Triangle” section
2.      Score the HORIZONTAL line

3.      Move LHS to left onto the START line.
4.      Punch
5.      Score on SIDE Line (the main one – not the one within the triangle!)

6.      Move the panel to the left so that the vertical score-line is on the START line
7.      Punch
8.      Score on main SIDE line

9.      Score HORIZONTAL line across ONLY TO the SIDE line groove

10.   Move the panel to the left again so that the 2nd vertical score-line is on the START line
11.   Punch

12.   Score on main SIDE line
13.   Score HORIZONTAL line across ONLY FROM the SIDE line groove

14.   Move the panel to the left again so that the 3rd vertical score-line is on the START line
15.   Punch

16.   Score on main SIDE line
17.   Score HORIZONTAL line across to the RH edge of the panel

18.   Cut out top of narrow side tab

19.   Bone Fold vertical scores as valleys

20.   Bone fold horizontal score lines as mountains


1.      Place the small Whisper White panel LANDSCAPE on the Trimmer
2.      Score at ½” from each side

3.      PORTRAIT. Cut into three ½” wide strips

4.      Concertina/Z fold scorelines


1.      Place the paper LANDSCAPE on the Trimmer. Score at 1 7/8” & 3 ¾”

2.      Place the paper LANDSCAPE UPSIDE DOWN on the GBPB. Line up each side and each score line on the START line and Punch

3.      Place the paper PORTRAIT on the Trimmer with the punched sections to the RHS
4.      Line up at LHS at 2 ¼” and cut. You will produce 3 shaped panels

5.      Still PORTRAIT. Line up LHS at 1 7/8” and cut (you will produce a thin waste strip that can be discarded)

6.      With the remaining paper panel LANDSCAPE on the Trimmer.
7.      Cut each score line (1 7/8” wide) to produce 3 panels


1.      Ink up & stamp the papers as necessary
2.      Adhere the papers to the box base sides

3.      Apply glue to the narrow tab

4.      Fold over to adhere Box Card

5.      Adhere cross sections to open part of card base.
TIP I adhere one section to one side at a time – applying the glue then folding the card closed to apply pressure to the glue to secure. Then (more importantly!) I repeat for the other side of that one section – that way I know that the card base is going to fold properly! Then I pick up the 2nd section & repeat…..

6.      Stamp, punch & adhere decoration as necessary!
Note that I stamped 2 clouds... stamped the greeting on one, punched both and cut the lower part of the one with the greeting out by hand and 3D foamed it on top of the other.... the partial/greeting one onto the front and the full one onto the as to keep it nice and neat from both sides! Sorry no photo of the back....

Oh and my right hand side tree... The trunk is on vellum and the canopy is stamped twice with the tree/leaf stamp on Whisper White card... once as the leaves (as per the stamp design!) and the other as the back of the stamp...yes I put the leaves/raised stamp side down onto my block and inked up the flat back of the stamp and doing that... it is a great effect for trees and flowers etc...

And there you have it..... a neater version of an old favourite using a different tool.... love that!!


  1. Hi Amanda and thanks for the tutorial. X

    1. Hello Anne... Nice to see you popping in... Been missing you....! Hope you give the tutorial a go... More versions to follow....

  2. Just found your tutorial, this is so cute. Thanks for sharing - I will definitely be having a go! :)

    1. Thanks Susan.. Glad to hear you willbe giving it a go... It is definitely of the cute size variety....

  3. How clever! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Mary... Hope you get to make one for yourself! And hope you have seen the new Dapper Denim version I have made and posted this week.....

  4. Good morning. I always loved these boxes - but found the instructions normally quite complicated. This is the first instruction I believe I could follow immediately. Thank you very much! And I have the punch board, so I will definitely give it a try.
    Love from Scotland, Nessie x

    1. Thank you Nessie... I hope you have had a chance to give the little box card a go.....

  5. I just seen this glad I found it,it's really cute card and it makes me want to purchase the GBPB.Thank you

    1. IT is definitely cute Bekki... Hope you saw the Dapper Denim and Swirly Bird remake I posted in April too.... And sorry to be costing you more money!!

  6. Replies
    1. My pleasure Jan... Hope you have made a great GBPB box card by now!? If not...enjoy it when you do....

  7. Thanks for a great tutorial. Just got around to finally making one of these!!

    1. Thank you Bronwyn... and I love your version... great job (as always)

  8. Fantastic. Just stumbled across your tutorial from Bronwyn Eastley's blog....think I might give this a whirl. Thank you for sharing your talents with us so freely. x

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment Patrice... hope you get to make one... and enjoy!


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