Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Small Narrow Shadow Box Frame Card!

Just completing my quick round up of cards over the past few days... as you read this post I will be back from a few days away - so normal service should resume shortly!
This is a smaller Shadowbox Frame card...
It started of as a 21cm square cut from a piece of A4 card... and then it as this tutorial here... apart from the score-lines are at 1,2,3 and 4 cm on all 4 sides.

Edited to Add - due to the popularity of this card format and the making some other variants .... I wrote up the full tutorials for you... Imperial (inches) and an alternative doubled version here ( with link to Metric too). Or straight to Metric here.
Ends up as a 13cm Square - or 5 1/4" Square - card. Has a totally different look with the narrower frame section at the front. 

I personally still prefer the wider frame for a card - but this had to be done! 

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jasann said...

love this card, have been wanting to make a shadow box card for my grandsons, and this should ne great, I will try it, thanks for the information