Friday, 19 February 2016

Simplest Easel Card Tutorial

Remember this Simple Easel Card from earlier in the week... well I promised you the How To Make This Card... and here it is... although don't blink as you may miss the Tutorial...

1. Pick up a piece of A4 card
2. LANDSCAPE. Score at 10.5cm
3. LANDSCAPE. Score at 21cm
4. Bone Fold
5. Decorate as required and pop in a DL envelope!

Only taken me 12 years of papercrafting to think of this Simplest of Simple but a bit more special than a single score card!!! I think you may see a few variants pop up here over the next few weeks... my girls loved it for its simplicity!!

Apologies to my US readers... DL probably doesn't mean anything to you... (and I don't know if you have any equivalent) but it is a standard size envelope over here - commonly used for business purposes - but nice size for greeting cards too... 

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