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New Swing Easel Card Tutorial for Fancy Fold Friday

Time for new card designs with new papers for new classes... but a return to one of my card design classics, the Swing Easel card... for which a large amount of people still visit me daily (probably via Pinterest of course!) for the 12x12 version tutorial... and the A4 version tutorial...

And now was the time to re-make as the format is perfect for the papers I am using for July and August classes... so today is the time for Twinkle Twinkle... (have I told you these are my favourite papers!!! And that they are on the 4for3 Sale promotion running this month... ) and a re-size to my original Swing Easel card...
As I always intended to do another Tutorial for the Swing Easel Card... for a 5 1/2" Square version from US Letter card (or 14cm from A4 card)... so roll on a few years.. and here it is... though I am sure the internet is already awash with a US Letter 5 1/2" in both word and video form.... but still... apologies that it has taken me so long...
But whilst I was there... on a Swing Card that is... I couldn't resist trying out another idea I had had for the card... think you will like that one even more... but more on that next week... 

And I thought I would try something different... a PDF tutorial for you too... Just click on the photo to upload and/or save and/or print etc ... 
And please let me know what you think of the pdf version... either in comments...  or in my contact me form down the right hand side of my blog... 

Craft Spa Recipe
Card Thick Whisper White 5 ½” x 11” (14 x 28cm)
Paper (Top) 5 ¼” (13.5cm) Square
Paper (Base) 5 ¼” (13.5cm) Square
Card Gray Granite 3 ½” (9cm) Square
Card Whisper White 3 ¼” (8.5cm) Square
Papers – Twinkle Twinkle
Dies – RETIRED Squares Collection

Craft Spa Instructions
1.    Die cut the central square aperture in the paper(or cut out with trimmer at ¾”or 2cm all round)

2.    LANDSCAPE. At 5 ½” (14cm) on Top Bar. Score across whole card
3.    LANDSCAPE. At 6 ½” on Top Bar. Cut from 1” to 4 ½” (2.5 to 11.4cm)
4.    LANDSCAPE. At 10” on Top Bar. Cut from 1” to 4 ½” (2.5 to 11.4cm)

5.    Bone Fold along central 5 ½” (14cm) line
6.    With card as Tent Fold – adhere paper on front (around the cuts)
TIP – ensure you have glue spread all over (but thinly) half way down the sides

7.    Place card blank back on trimmer LANDSCAPE with papers to the right hand side…
8.    LANDSCAPE. At 8” on Top Bar. Score from 0-1” (0-2.5cm) and 4 ½”–5 ½” (11.4-14cm)
9.    LANDSCAPE. At 8 ½” on Top Bar. Score from 0-1” (0-2.5cm) and 4 ½”–5 ½” (11.4-14cm)
10. LANDSCAPE. At 9” on Top Bar. Score from 0-1” (0-2.5cm) and 4 ½”–5 ½” (11.4-14cm)

11. Place card blank on trimmer PORTRAIT with papers at Top
12. PORTRAIT. At 1” on Top Bar. Cut 1-2 ½” (2.5-6.4cm)LIFT, Cut 3-4 ½” (7.6-11.4cm)
13. PORTRAIT. At 4 ½” on Top Bar. Cut 1-2 ½” (2.5-6.4cm), LIFT, Cut 3-4 ½” (7.6-11.4cm)

14.  Fold the 2 side sections as Mountain, Valley, Mountain.
(Tip – it is easier to fold the 2 mountains and then push the valley fold in between)

15. Decorate as necessary

Other Swing Easel Card Tutorials already published for you
Click here for A4 cardstock version
Click here for 12x12 cardstock version

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