Friday, 11 December 2015

Swing Easel Card with new Tutorial

Another Reason for the Season Swing Easel card... using small poinsettias this time... this one WOWed everyone that walked in the room!!! Have to "stands well" in the flesh...
These are each made from 4 of the small duos... my ladies had quite a lot of these left over from another project! More on that another day...
And the holly leaves are also made from the large petal - just nibbled around the edges with a 1/2" circle punch
And seeing as it is Friday... a Fancy Fold Friday Tutorial for you... for an A4 Swing Easel Card this time...
Apologies to my US readers as this card is specifically designed from an A4 piece of card... conversion won't work sensibly! You might as well use the 12x12 version here. I have put a 5 1/2" Square version from your card on "THE LIST" - but I honestly doubt the list will be touched again until 2016....
Now I do also have to warn you... I have had a good run on these cards - as we did 3 in this weeks' classes - and I made a few more as I was clearing up too!!! So this is now the second part of a series of Swing Easel cards....!

Card (Vanilla) 14.8cm x A4 long (ie 29.7cm)
Paper (Top) 14.1cm Square
Paper (Base) 14.1 x 7cm
Card (Red) 9cm Square
Card (Vanilla) 8.5cm Square
Scallop Square die (Squares Framelits)
Personal Trimmer & Bone Folder

1.    Scallop Square die cut the paper square

2.    LANDSCAPE. At 14.8cm on Top Bar. Score across whole card
3.    LANDSCAPE. At 17.3cm on Top Bar. Cut from 2.5 to 12.3cm
4.    LANDSCAPE. At 27.2cm on Top Bar. Cut from 2.5 to 12.3cm

5.    Bone Fold along central 14.8cm line
6.    With card as Tent Fold – adhere paper on front (around the cuts)
TIP – ensure you have glue spread all over (but thinly) half way down the sides

7.    Place card blank back on trimmer LANDSCAPE with papers to the right hand side…
8.    LANDSCAPE. At 21.7cm on Top Bar. Score from 2.5 to top (ie 0) and 12.3cm to bottom (ie 14.8cm)
9.    LANDSCAPE. At 22.7cm on Top Bar. Score from 2.5 to top and 12.3cm to bottom
10. LANDSCAPE. At 23.7cm on Top Bar. Score from 2.5 to top and 12.3cm to bottom

11. Place card blank on trimmer PORTRAIT with papers at Top
12. PORTRAIT. At 2.5cm on Top Bar. Cut 2.5-7cm, LIFT, Cut 8-12.3cm
13. PORTRAIT. At 12.3cm on Top Bar. Cut 2.5-7cm, LIFT, Cut 8-12.3cm

14.  Fold the 2 side sections as Mountain, Valley, Mountain.
(Tip – it is easier to fold the 2 mountains and then push the valley fold in between)

15. Decorate as necessary


Lea Denton, The Crafty Spark said...

Oh Amanda this is stunning! So utterly beautiful I love it :) xxx

Amanda said...

Thanks Lea... Hope you get to try one sometime soon!

Lesley said...

brilliant idea can't wait to try making one - Lesley x

Amanda said...

Thanks Lesley... Hope I get to see your Swing Easel card soon...