Monday, 3 August 2015

Another Swing Easel - or Easel Flip - Card

Just clearing away from my classes this week and found a half completed demo card and decorative piece...

So in the true Yorkshire spirit of not letting anything go to waste! 
A couple of different and simpler variants of the Swing Easel card for you... or is it an Easel Flip card? 

I think I have called it both so far... though it is "Swing Easel Card" that is now stuck in my memory cells.... 

To me it does swing rather than flip... though that gives me another idea!!!
My tutorial posted last Friday is already proving popular and delighted to hear that quite a few of you have been making one for yourself (or a friend!) this weekend. 

Can't wait to see some of your versions....
I said a couple of variants... as there is in these photos...although really they are the same card!!
The only difference being the paper added to the base section - so which do you prefer???

With or without? I rather like the without.... but that may be my old dislike of butterflies coming through...
And spot my gold "Thanks"...well more on that tomorrow in my Tuesday Tips, Techniques & Tutorials post..... loving my Wooden Expressions Natural Elements!

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