Friday, 7 August 2015

Corner Garden Metric Shadowbox Frame Card with Fancy Fold Friday Tutorial

Another clean & simple gold embossed Corner Garden card... simpler version here
Another triple embossed Wood Expression... link to details here... 
Another ShadowBox Frame card 
But seeing as it is Friday - Fancy Fold Friday -  and as this one is a different version... the full tutorial for the card! 

Shadow Box Frame Card Tutorial – 13 cm Square with 1cm Box Sides and Top
Start off with a 21cm square of Thick Whisper White cardstock cut from a piece of A4 card...  

Please note that my photos are from the original full A4 sheet tutorial posted here – just imagine all the next photos as squares of cardstock rather than the rectangles shown!!!

1. Score at 1, 2, 3 and 4 cm on all 4 sides.
2. Make an “extra short score” at 5cm & 16cm from top to 2ndscore-line down . clip_image010
3. Turn 180 degrees and repeat (2)
4. Cut up these extra score lines and diagonally across to the 3rd score line

5. Cut out the “16-part” squares at each corner


6. Bone fold all score-lines
8. Apply glue to folded side of outer-most sections on all 4 sides ( See NOTE below!)
9. Apply Tear & Tape OR Sticky Strip across back of 4 diagonal sections (or add a glue dot!)
9. Assemble straight sides first. 
Recommend sticking any paper/photo in first before assembling if you want as an edge to edge back!
Remove part of red protective cover
10. Line up outer edge to inner score-line at that end & press down flat to stick. 
11. Line up outer edge to inner score line at other end & pull out rest of red protective cover to stick. Now your box section should pop up … nice and square and straight!!
12. Repeat for other straight edge
13. Now onto the 2 notched ends …. Repeat process for the 2 straight sides BUT…. and this is the MOST important TIP…. Remove red protective cover on the 2 small diagonals and cover with some longer lengths of scrap red protective cover
14. Fold the straight edge down as before & glue into place
15. Then push the sides up & over the square/box side sections, get the mitres/diagonals in place & then pull the red protective cover out (concentrating on one side at a time!)
16. Repeat for the other notched side. 

NOTE - I have to admit that I am still using my Tear & Tape (or Sticky Strip for those of you that have not seen the light…and converted…) on those diagonals  - but I now use my trusty Tombow on the straight sides – applying a bead onto the base of the frame next to the inner scoreline works a treat – no wet glue on my fingers as I roll the section around and over… next version will include photos!

And there you have it…one 1cm section Shadow Box Frame from an A4 Wide (ie 21cm) Square of card with perfect mitred corners!

Ends up as a 13cm Square (c. 5 1/4") Square – card.

So to finish it off as a card that opens and closes – add a 26 x 13cm scored in half LANDSCAPE at 13cm - to the back.

And decorate the front section as you desire

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